philosophy and influences


Angelique Case sees the domestic as a domain constructed by daily details that reveal themselves through genuine enjoyment and restfulness. Her spaces envelope as well as provide expansion and openness. Each is a place that demonstrates its inhabitants’ particular needs and wants, allowing closer connection between their personalities, histories and the way they occupy their spaces and use the objects within them.

Angelique’s work as an interior designer considers the lived experience of interior architecture as the most important aspect of creating space. Her focus is on the production of a specific atmosphere rather than the presentation of an appearance. Her goal is to make meaning in a space through the organization of texture, colour and objects toward the integration of daily life and where it is lived.


Vinny Lee · Judith Wilson · Andy Goldsworthy · Ray and Charles Eames · Frank Gehry · Frank Lloyd Wright · Bobbie Burgers · Arne Jacobson · Calvin Klein · Florence Knoll · Ralph Lauren · le Corbusier · Tolstoy · Mies van der Rohe · Gaston Bachelard · George Nelson · Isamu Noguchi · Eero Saarinen · Hans J. Wenger · Robert Redford · Amy Butler · Gillian Welch · Louis Kahn · Anthropologie